VHDL I2C Floppy Disk Drive Controller

For my final year degree project I designed and implemented a VHDL I2C Floppy Disk Drive Controller.  The controller was also to contain low level FAT12 support.  The complete controller was to be implemented within an FPGA (in particular the BurchEd evaluation board).  To test / demonstrate the finished controller a Microchip PIC microcontroller was used (this basically goes between the I2C bus and the PC).

If you have any queries or comments on this project please feel free to email me.

The final mark for the project was 85%.

 The Final Report (MS Word Document 5.86MB)

 VHDL Source (HTML)

 VHDL Source (ZIP)

 PIC Assembler (HTML)

 PIC Assembler (ZIP)